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We have a book out!

It’s a photo book about South Georgia.

Antarktische Wildnis - Südgeorgien


Antarktische Wildnis

Thies Matzen und Kicki Ericson

Yes, it’s in German – but the pictures aren’t.
And you can obtain our book with the English language insert.

This high-quality photo book measures 30cm x 26.5cm, has 168 pages, and is published by ‘mare’.

During our three decades of cruising on Wanderer III, South Georgia has without a doubt become the most special place in the world for us. We first spent three summer months there in 1998/99, and then 26 consecutive months from 2009 to 2011, always on board our boat. Through photos and brief texts we hope to share with you an experience simply out of this world

South Georgia

South Georgia

South Georgia

South Georgia

South Georgia

All images are copyright Thies Matzen & Kicki Ericson. No unauthorized use.


Comments to the book:

Ewan Edwards, marine biologist

“The book arrived, and what I hold in my hand is the most exceptional portfolio of South Georgia photographs that I've seen. The thing that makes me most thrilled by it is the fact that one could not compile such a selection of photos as a tourist - only through living with South Georgia for a long time could one hope to capture such excellent pictures. Congratulations on producing something really beautiful.”

Andreas Hugenberg, München

“… das Buch ist da, FANTASTISCH.
Ein wunderbares Stück Welt, das Ihr uns da zeigt!!!!!!!!
Das Buch liegt vor mir, ich habe es von vorn bis hinten durchgeblättert - bei der Arbeit - alles muß warten!
…und ich schlage es schon wieder auf, eine x-beliebige Seite - … und schon tauche ich wieder ab in diese andere so wunderbare Welt,
kaum zu glauben, dass das alles auf unserem Planeten ist!
Wunderbare Welt!
Und wir Idioten arbeiten daran sie Stück für Stück zu zerstören, wissentlich, ein Trauerspiel.

Zeigt uns mehr, um alle wachzurütteln!!”

October 2014



C A S C O  M U S I C

The musical realization of a sailing cruise with Samoa as destination: the Casco Music-CD "A Journey To The South Seas And Tales From Yonder"!

A sailing cruise,

- inspired by the real journeys towards Samoa by Robert Louis Stevenson, author of "Treasure Island", on board the "Casco" and the "Equator" at the end of the 19th century

- in the wake of the present journeys of the legendary SY "Wanderer III" and her owners Thies Matzen and Kicki Ericson

You are heartily invited to get on board. So turn off your mind, relax and float across the ocean...

Sönke Matzen & Andreas Hansen, February 2011